Pick to Light solution for Wal-Mart DSDC supplier

The Best-in-Class Pick to Light System.

Pick to Light is acknowledged to be the fastest operator-based picking strategy available to execute broken case quantity order fulfillment operations. Ideal for team-based approaches like zone picking, the LP Pick solution increases the pick rate productivity, accuracy and cost efficiency of this labor intensive operation by reducing the walk time, eliminating the reading errors and simplifying the task throughout the pick process.

Lightning Pick Technologies’ flagship product LP Pick is the most flexible and powerful light-directed picking application available. With the fastest growing user community, Lightning Pick leads the Pick-to-Light industry in both new installations and in retrofitting legacy light-directed systems.

Lightning Pick is the industry's first and only proactive Pick to Light solution, offering greater performance and continuous improvement for your critical fulfillment operations through superior system software tools. Make faster and better decision responses with real-time visibility into all important activities, events and productivity statistics in real-time, presented through a sophisticated GUI featuring complete reporting tools.

Field tested and proven throughout 500 facilities worldwide, Lightning Pick hardware meets the daily demands for installations of all sizes. Lightning Pick led the cable-free light module revolution to provide convenient and cost effective system installation, maintenance and expansion. Our deep catalog of light module models, colors, and configurations all share these core product advantages to meet your unique application requirements. 

Our best-in-class applications for kitting, error-proofing, manufacturing, parts picking, assembly, mini-mart, case pick to belt and order picking support lean supply chain processes from manufacturing through fulfillment.

Contact us today to find out why Lightning Pick has the:

  • Fastest growing Pick to Light user community in both new installations and legacy system retrofit projects.
  • Most technically advanced hardware and software available.
  • Access real-time statistics on picker productivity, order volumes and all system activities.
  • Tools like LP Dashboard which provides a centralized view of all key productivity data in real-time, enabling views across multiple facilities or drill down to specific Areas, Zones or individual Employees.
  • Easiest installation and maintenance.
  • Quickest training curve and startup time.
  • Best in industry innovation.

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